Portable Pick and Carry Mini Cranes

Mobile Floor Crane

T1 Global™ Model

CE certified, electric 115v/230v or manual
Overview: 1,200 lb. cap.(545 kg) 21 ft.(6.6m) hook height. Fits in doors/elevators. Electric or hand crank hoist. 30 FPM (9m/min.) line speed. 130 ft. (41m) 1/4 in. steel cable. Pick and carry loads. Safety factor: (1.5). Two year warranty.

Battery power mobile mini crane

S1 Global™ Model

CE certified, battery power, hydraulics
Overview: 1,950 lb.(885 kg.) Cap. 18 ft.(5.5m) hook heght. Battery powered w/ charger. 30 FPM(9m/min.) line speed. 100 ft.(30m) cable. Fits in doors/elevators. Pick and carry loads. Safety factor: (1.5). Two year warranty.

Compact small crane

Anatomy of a Microcrane®
Did you know: You can save time and drive profitability using our Microcranes®. Designed to fit through a doorway and inside elevators, our equipment is cost efficient and transports easily around any jobsite, able to work in hard to reach and confined spaces.

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Our Compact Cranes Offer Big Advantages

Safely pick and carry - Fits in doorways - No operator license required - Use in tight spaces or on rooftops - Use outdoors or indoors (won't scuff flooring) - Save time and save money - Units come fully assembled and are easy to use

Eco-frienfly (zero emissions, low sound levels).

The Smart-Rig Crane meets ASME B30.5 standards and winches meet CE Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and 2006/42/EC and CE Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/108/EC. The S1 Global Model is CE certified. Each mini crane undergoes rigid quality control, made with USA components (down to the caster wheels) and comes fully assembled, ready to use with an industry-leading two year warranty. The S1 Models are powered with 12v marine battery power and hydraulics that raise the 3 section pull out boom. The T1 Manual Crane uses a manual pump jack and electric 115v/230v winch - or optional hand crank winch for hazardous environments like oil and gas industries.

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Patented base allows a compact footprint, portability and pick and carry function with loads.
Compact Crane
Compact Crane
Outrigger Legs
Outrigger Legs
Boom Extended
Boom Extended
Tank Pulled Back
Tank Pulled Back

Our Industries

  • Steel Erection

    Iron work. Steel beam construction. High rise construction. Roof top lifting hoist. Below the hook lifting.

  • HVAC

    Heating and air conditioning (HVAC) unit repair and maintenance. Plumbing, pipes, duct work. Refrigeration.

  • Building/Construction Industries

    Applications include moving, installing materials. Pumps and motors, walls, pipes, compressors, electrical and mechanical components, sheet metal, formed concrete structures, building materials, AAC blocks, telecom, mechanical equipment, slip concrete forms (slipforms), aluminum installation, railroads, landscaping, stone setting, pool building, residential glazing.

  • Aircraft/Aerospace/Helicopter

    Installation and repairs of control surfaces, wings, flaps, tail, helicopter engines, rotor gear heads, rotor blades, miscellaneous components. Mobile crane for repairing or to remove parts such as inlet cowls, reversed cowl flap, slats in their aircraft fleets. Helicopter maintenance for ejection seat, rotary blades, ground support equipment (GSE), canopy windshield, vertical stabilizer, ammunition drum, horizontal stabilizer, cannon gun, window cockpit replacement.

  • Plants/Facilities/Municipals

    Warehouse, interior or exterior construction sites, roadways, railroads, waterway refurbishments, wastewater, museums (setting statues), airlines, helicopter hanger, factories, transport and storage operations, shops, pumping stations, tunnels, loading docks, recycling, freight terminals, water treatment plants, ground support, water towers, farms, oil refineries, lifting solution for removing and replacing differentials, transmissions, alternators, fuel tanks and engine components from truck and transit coaches, city or county machinery and vehicles, school and university maintenance.

  • Glass/Glazing

    Curtain wall installation and repair. Window panel and glass pane manufacturing. Install signs, skylights. Use vacuum lifter suction cups to position and move heavy glass windows on commercial or industrial jobsites.

  • Manufacturing

    Fabrication and shop crane. Auto, vehicle, machine, aircraft, military. Paper roller replacement. Gun manufacturing. Factory floor cranes. Material handling.

  • Utilities/Energy

    Manual hand crank T1 Model mini crane is safe for oil and gas, chemical industries and hazardous environments.

  • Military

    Army base maintenance. Vehicle maintenance and repair. Air force and aviation lifting tool. Helicopter repair and maintenance. Navy. FAA. GSE ground support equipment crane.

  • Marine/Vessel

    Marina, cruise ships, docks, marinas, ferry boats, ports, cargo ships, ship building, scientific research, oceanography.