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Phoenix Roofing: Commercial roofing industry uses the T1 Model Portable crane at Lemieux Sport Complex in Cranberry, PA helping facilities personnel change filters on large HVAC units. SEE PHOTOS HERE

Bombardier Aerospace: Bombardier Aerospace is a division of Bombardier Inc . (Fortune 500 conglomerate) and is the third-largest airplane manufacturer in the world. They procured the Smart-RigĀ® Crane S1 Model to handle aircraft engines, control surfaces wihtin a tight area, aircraft seat removal, transmission repairs and to carry out precision lifting work on aircraft components including wings, tail fins, flaps, rudder and exhaust systems and components.

Glatfelter: is a global manufacturer of specialty papers and engineered products. The S1 Model aids the company in awkward rigging scenerios, making repairs on in-house equipment, paper roll changes, and misc. lifting simple and easy with confined spaces and hard to reach areas.

Tri-State Power and Generation: Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association is a wholesale electric power supplier owned by the 44 electric cooperatives that it serves. Tri-State generates and transmits electricity to its member systems throughout a 200,000 square-mile service territory across Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming. Tri-State procured the T1 Model Smart-Rig® Crane for maintenance and repairs on trucks, materials, poles, signs, parts installations.

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, UHN: CEAL procured the T1 Electric Model Smart-Rig Crane to move various loads (e.g. 400 lb treadmill, 300 lb turntable, etc) in and out of a confined space room designed for rehabiliting patients. The Challenging Environment Assessment Laboratory (CEAL) will be one of the most advanced rehabilitation research facilities in the world and will serve to unite first-class scientists and innovators. Smart-Rig Cranes are being utilized in hospitals for maintenance and healthcare management.

Apple Valley Glass: Apple Valley Glass & Doors uses the S1 model to cut down on time and rental costs during job bids. The S1 can easily handle the various window and door installations (ranging from 300-1500 lbs panels) that other mini cranes, forklifts or men cannot accomplish. Being narrow enough to fit through doors and inside elevators, the S1 model can be brought to the roof top, and be used to rig loads up the side of the building or install panels on the floor below.

City of Myrtle Beach utilzes a T1 Model crane for repairs and maintenance on city vehicles.

Goodyear procured the S1 Model crane at the main manufacturing facility to aid in repetitive lifting of parts and repairs to equipment in the plant.

PAL Airlines uses a T1 hand crank model for removing and replacing propeller blades on aircraft.

United Maier Signs: With one of the largest (and newest) install fleets in the Midwest and one of the largest sign shops in the area, United Maier Signs purchased the S1 Model Smart-Rig Crane with custom winch and 135 ft. cable. The signs that come out of this shop range from small vinyl applications to large building top signs that require a large helicopter to install. The S1 is being utilized to save time and money by eliminating renting larger cranes with operators to install and repair signs in the field.

If you require additional case studies, please contact us. Our cranes are made in the USA but can be shipped to Canada, North America, South America, Australia or anywhere to a port or to your facility door, dock, boat or aircraft.


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