Common Questions

What is the lead time/availability? Units are typically in stock. If not in stock expect a 3 week lead time.

Do units come fully assembled? Yes. Units arrive fully assembled, packaged in a crate.

Can you roll it through a doorway? Yes. All of our units fit easily through a 36 in. doorway.

What is the max depth using on rooftop? 10 stories (T1 Model) and 7 stories (M1 Model).

Can you use it with a single line? Yes. Our products come double lined with a snatch block from the factory, but using an overhaul ball the units can be used single line for greater depths up to 10 stories/100 ft. (T1 Model) and 7 stories/70 ft. (M1 Model).

Does it use fuel? No. Our products are eco-friendly and do not emit smoke or fumes.

Does it move forward and reverse? Yes. Move the machine forward, reverse with handlebars, or 90 degree steering.

Can you move the crane with a load? Yes. Our units are designed to smoothly pick and carry materials.

Can we use it to hold scaffolding holding humans? No. Our equipment is designed, rated and intended for materials only.

What safety standards/regulations does the equipment adhere to? Microcranes are ISO 9001 certified manufactured products and we have obtained a CE mark, which is the highest global standard for this equipment cateegory. Units are built to official design and manufacturing standards and regulations of OSHA, PALD and ASME B30.5.

Is it loud? No. Since our products use batteries or electric power the sound level during operation is very low.

Is it battery powered? The Microcrane M1 Model is battery powered. The T1 Model uses an electric winch.

Can we get pneumatic (air) tires? No. Our units use polyurethane on iron wheels. If you need to use on dirt/grass we suggest crane mats or plywood.

Can we get a custom height? No. M1 Model has a 20 ft. 3 in. hook height. T1 Model has a 21 ft., 9 in. hook height.

Can the units fit inside an elevator Yes. We designed our units to fit inside elevators and fit throgh 36 in. doorways.

What attachments do you sell? We don’t deal with attachments such as glass suction cups, spreader bars, overhaul balls or slings. Our units come double lined with snatch block and a hook w/ safety latch.

How fast is it to set up/take down? 2-3 minutes.

What is the weight? 1300 lb. dry weight T1 Model, 1500 lb. dry weight M1 Model. Counterweights are 300 lbs.

Do you rent? We only will use it for a month. We do not offer a rental program at this time. You can liquidate at auction or rent it out to other companies for extra income.

How does shipping work? We crate the units and handle freight VIA ground, ocean or air. If you’d like to arrange a pick-up with your own carrier we will help you arrange that also.

Who can help with parts and service? We can ship parts quickly from our factory in the USA or source locally. For extensive service or repairs we source local certified crane technicians.

Do we need an operator license? No. (Not in most areas.) Under current law cranes rated 2,000 lbs. and below do not require an operator license or quarterly/annual inspections like cranes rated 2,000 lbs. and above. Users and employers are responsible for knowing safety guidelines.


"It has proven to be a great machine that has increased our productivity with our unitized curtain wall installation."

E. Strasz, TMI Windows