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Industries Using Microcranes®:
Glazing/glass. Aircraft/aerospace maintenance and repair. Oil and gas. Steel erection. HVAC. Plants/warehouse. Skyrise building/construction. Marine/vessels. Military. Utilities. Energy. Water treatment plants. Waste management. Municiples. Cladding. Manufacturing. Auto. Packaging. Healthcare. EV charging stations. Food processing plants, and more.

Battery power mobile mini cranes

M1 Global™

M1 Model:

24v Battery Power (or 115v electric)
Hydraulics. 2,000 lb. (905 kg.) Cap. 20 ft. 3 in.(6.1m) hook height (25' w/ jib accessory). Battery powered w/ charger. 35 FPM line speed. 160 ft. max cable. Fits in doors/elevators. Pick & carry loads. Safety factor: (1.5). Rooftop depth: max 13 stories. Lift points. No operator license required. 2 year warranty.

Compact small crane

Anatomy of a Microcrane® M1 Global™
Did you know: Microcranes® are designed to fit through a 36 in. doorway & inside elevators, breaks down to combine with tracked stair climbing solutions to transport up staircases/stairwells, transports easily around any jobsite, able to work in hard to reach & confined spaces.

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Rapid Deployment, Easy to Use, Sets up in Minutes

Microcranes, Inc. produces quality, portable mini cranes and material lifting equipment that streamlines productivity with a return on investment and cost efficiency in mind. Work on rooftops or floor to floor. We offer mobile hoists/mini crane models each using a patented counter weight system, outrigger system and compact footprint allowing the cranes to fit through doorways/inside elevators, breaks down to move up staircases, in tight spaces and be transported via elevator, truck, helicopter, large crane or van. The patented base structure folds out easily to function as a stationary floor or mini roof crane, but is designed to safely pick and carry loads. Eco-friendly: zero emissions/low sound levels.

Mini Floor Cranes At Work

Aircraft Small Crane
Aircraft Maintenance
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Portable Construction Crane
Portable Floor Crane
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Glass Curtain Wall Installation Crane
Glass Installation
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Steel Erection Mini Crane
Rooftop Hoist
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Compact, portable cranes for lifting, shifting, installing & maintaining

Microcranes® portable cranes are made to lift, drop, drag, pull, tug, transport, carry, stack, move, hold and set loads and heavy materials in any situation in interior or exterior of buildings, or on top of roofs. 24v battery power or electric models. Small enough to fit inside a three foot residential doorway opening, travel up inside an elevator, narrow aisle, hallway, stairwell or back of a truck, this vertical lifting mobile mini crane allows rigging in tight spaces, restricted access and hard to reach areas or over and around obstacles. Save money compared to large crane rentals. The M1 Global Model has dual batteries with a weatherproof on-board charger (or choose 115v electric) and a hydraulic raising boom, allowing full mobility and easy transport when folded in and compact.

Industries that use small floor cranes and portable hydraulic floor cranes include aircraft/helicopters/aerospace, HVAC, pipe, steel, ports, military, oil refineries, warehouses, marinas, manufacturers/fabricators, water plants, energy/utilities, construction, auto, glass, glazing, shipping yards, film/tv/theatre rigging & production, concrete removal, plumbing, factories, stone, airlines, disaster deployment operations, aluminum installation, spa installment, farms, sewage, window installation, mining, AAC concrete block installation, cement, petrol exploration, railroad, marine, cruise lines and boats. Unlike material lifters from beneath, the spider-like mini crane lifts from above via cable and winch. Prevent injuries and workers comp. Diverse jobs require portable hoist devices and pushable floor cranes. Used for roof top lifting (ground to roof), floor to floor, interior or exterior industrial or residential building/construction applications. The spider like mobile floor crane hoist is ideal for hazardous work environments (gas, vapors, comubustable dust) like the oil & gas industries. Our M1 Global 24v battery powered hydraulic boom crane allows mobility on jobsites. Compact, narrow, versatile and easy to use mini cranes serve vital infrastructure needs in utility markets and industrial construction like high-rise and skyrise buildings. Preform routine pick and carry or continuous rigging applications. Reduce costs by eliminating large crane rentals.

All of our small cranes utilize a box style boom with a hydraulic jack. Pick and carry mini floor cranes are ideal for multi-purpose applications. Lifting capacities: 1 ton, half ton, 1/2 ton, 300 lb, 400 lb, 500 lb, 600 lb, 700 lb, 800 lb, 900 lb, 1000 lb, 1100 lb, 1200 lb, 1300 lb, 1400 lb, 1500 lb, 1600 lb, 1700 lb, 1800 lb, 2000 lbs. Lift height/boom extension to reach heights of: 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 15ft, 16ft, 18ft, 21ft. By placing the crane hoist on the roof, you can lower/drop material loads down sides of buildings at depths to 13 stories using an overhaul ball and electric winch accessory. Use for search and rescue missions, debri removal, installation, repairs and maintenance.

Patented base allows a compact footprint, portability and pick and carry function with loads.
Compact Crane
Compact Crane
Outrigger Legs
Outrigger Legs
Small Crane Counterweights Extended
Counterweight Extended
Mini Crane Hook Height Reach
Boom Extended

Our Industries

  • Steel Erection

    High rise construction. Iron work. Steel beam construction. Coils and sheet metal. Roof top lifting hoist. Below the hook lifting.

  • HVAC

    Heating and AC air conditioning (HVAC lift) unit repair and maintenance. Plumbing, pipes, duct work. Refrigeration. Heating/cooling. Maintenance.

  • Building/Construction Industries

    Applications include moving, installing materials. Roofing hoist. Swing hoist. Safety hoist. Timber frame design, mass timber construction. Cladding panels. Pumps and motors, walls, pipes, compressors, timber-frame erection, stone lifter, modular homebuilding, log cabins, custom/luxery, tension membrane sytems, electrical and mechanical components, sheet metal, stair installation, wrought iron gates, formed concrete structures, building materials, AAC blocks, telecom, mechanical equipment, slip concrete forms (slipforms), aluminum installation, railroads, landscaping & tree removal, stone setting, pool building, residential glazing.

  • Aircraft/Aerospace/Helicopter

    Installation and repairs in aviation facilities, airlines, manufacturing. MRO (maintenance repair & operations) ground support equipment/supplies/tools. Control surfaces, wings, flaps, tail, helicopter engines, rotor gear heads, rotor blades, miscellaneous components. Use in Aviation facilities for the assembly and maintenance of planes and helicopters. Mobile crane for repairing or to remove parts such as inlet cowls, reversed cowl flap, slats in their aircraft fleets. Helicopter maintenance for ejection seat, rotary blades, ground support equipment (GSE), canopy windshield, vertical stabilizer, ammunition drum, horizontal stabilizer, cannon gun, window cockpit replacement.

  • Plants/Facilities/Municipals

    Facilities management equipment, warehouse, interior or exterior construction sites, roadways, road work, railroads, waterway refurbishments, assembly crane, solar panel installation, wastewater, museums (setting statues), airlines, helicopter hanger, factories, transport and storage operations, water pump repair, shops, pumping stations, tunnels, loading docks, recycling, freight terminals, water treatment plants, ground support, water towers, farms, mining, drilling, oil refineries, lifting solution for removing and replacing differentials, automotive, hospitals, museums, graveyard maintenance and grave stone monument installation, sports grounds, cinemas, events, theaters, theatre departments at universities and colleges, theatre stage rigging hoists, stadiums, parks, subways, electric lines, water parks, swimming pools, transmissions, alternators, fuel tanks and engine components from truck and transit coaches, city or county machinery and vehicles, school and university maintenance.

  • Glass/Glazing/Cladding

    Curtain wall installation & repair. Window panel & glass pane manufacturing. Cladding panels, high rise buildings. Install signs, facade windows on skycrapers, skylights. Commercial storefront. Use vacuum lifter suction cups/grippers to position & move heavy glass windows on commercial or industrial jobsites. Pick and carry, tilt, rotate, jib. Robotic lifter machine.

  • Manufacturing/Warehouse

    Fabrication and shop crane. Auto repair, custom vehicle, machine restoration, aircraft, military. Paper roller replacement. Firearm manufacturing. Factory floor cranes. Material handling. Food packaging. Clean room environment hoists.

  • Utilities/Energy

    Oil and gas, chemical industries, energy, sewer, water, recycle, municipals, hazardous environments, electric vehicle EV charging station installation, solar panel installation.

  • Military

    Army/Navy base maintenance. Vehicle maintenance and repair. Air force and aviation lifting tool. Helicopter repair and maintenance. Navy. FAA. GSE ground support equipment crane.

  • Marine/Vessel

    Marina, cruise ships, docks, marinas, ferry boats, ports, cargo ships, ship building, scientific research, oceanography.