The Heart of a Microcrane® is Green Energy

Portable lifting via clean, eco-friendly battery power technology. Up to 2 days of run time on a single charge. An on-board charger lets users instantly power up to keep moving. Zero overcharge: leave plugged in 24/7 without the worry of overcharging. Easy access charging and maintenance. Work in enclosed areas without pollution. Zero emissions. No noise or environmental impact. Reduce energy consuption.

The Future is Emission Free

Microcranes, Inc. is committed to helping companies & jobsites reduce fuel demand and pollution in our modern world. The Microcrane® is the perfect piece of lift equipment for clean zones which are emerging rapidly worldwide with new legislations.

Green Energy Mini Crane            


"It has proven to be a great machine that has increased our productivity with our unitized curtain wall installation."

E. Strasz, TMI Windows