M1 Model Mini Crane: 22 ft. boom tip height. 2,000 lb. (1 ton) lifting capacity. Pick and carry. Portable and compact: fits through 36 in. doorways and inside elevators. Use on rooftops up to 7 stories deep. 24v battery power. 4 piece box style boom. 90 degree steering with handlebars. ISO Certified. CE certified. Exceeds OSHA/PALD/ASME standards. Used in aviation/aircraft/helicopter maintenance and repair. Glass window installation/glazing. HVAC. Construction. HVAC. Material rigging. Auto, military, facility, energy, modular homebuilding, steel erection, warehouse and manufacturing, marine/boats/vessals, gas/oil, plants, municipals, healthcare.


"It has proven to be a great machine that has increased our productivity with our unitized curtain wall installation."

E. Strasz, TMI Windows