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In addition to the MICROCRANES® vertical handling of materials, the M1 Global Model mini-crane also can handle glass curtain walls, glass panels and glass window panes by utilizing vacuum attachments, glass manipulators or rigging gear and spreader bars or slings. The sheets of glass can be picked up, moved and inserted into the waiting window frames by a single glass robot machine. Commercial glazing businesses can use the portable roof hoist on rooftops and floors to lower the winch and raise and install architectural glass windows and curtain wall panels. Glass handling is easy with the MICROCRANES® or Smart-Rig portable glass lifter. Other mini cranes or glazing robots are limited and costly, heavy and not able to transport glass panels safely.

Utilize this hydraulic mini glass lifting system with legs that fold out like a spider for outriggers to lift and manipulate large-format glass panels or composite windows up sides of buildings, above or below. Horizontal reach, pick up and position, glass restoration, glass repairs, spider out, rotate or manipulate loads. Mini cranes are for interior use when a large crane is expensive or impossible. Fits where access is limited or space is confined. MICROCRANES® are designed for handling convex and concave glass, plastic, stone, ceramic and composite panels. This glass lift robot crane is for use with glazing accessories for curtain walling installation and maintenance. Lift structural glass, large glass panels and double glazed units. Capacity: 200 lbs, 300 lbs, 400 lbs, 500 lbs, 600 lbs, 700 lbs, 800 lbs, 900 lbs, 1000 lbs, half ton, 1100 lbs, 1200 lbs, 1300 lbs, 1400 lbs, 1500 lbs, 1600 lbs, 1700 lbs, 1800 lbs, 1900 lbs, 2,000 lbs., 1 ton. 20 ft. hook height.

Use on rooftops or floor to floor with weight restrictions where larger cranes cannot work. Below the hook Mini cranes and portable hoists install glass for residential and commercial appplications. Use the MICROCRANES® small crane to install Custom Glass Doors, Custom Glass Partitions, Privacy Glass, Frameless Glass Walls and Doors, Windows and Doors Hardware Repairs and Replacements, Skylights & Glass Awnings, Custom Display Cases & Shelving, Deck Railings, Sundecks, Foged Window Repairs, Fog Window Repairs and Replacment, Store front renovations, Marine Glass, Yachts, Safety Glass, Railings, Mirrors. Attachments can be used with the portable hoist system and overhead lifting device to make installation easy. Suction cups, vacuums, glass lift support, glazing tools and equipment make the job safer. Also the spider-like mini cranes can be used for installation and repair of commercial skylights and spaceframes, glass or plastic panels and more.

Mini cranes like the ISO 9001 Certified MICROCRANES® and Smart-Rig® lifts are built in the USA with USA parts, but can ship to Canada, North America, Australia or South America. Anywhere in the world to a port or to your residential or industrial storefront facility door.